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My name is Jordan and I am curious.

EP 015 Voice of the Capelin (Victoria Neville)

The ocean is a vast universe of light and darkness. In its mystery there are many creatures we know and love. Whales, dolphins,  seals and so on. But like so many famous creatures here on land, there, behind the scenes is a plethora of staff that hold the whole production together. Today we are going to learn about one of those lesser appreciated staff members. The tiny but important Capelin. Victoria Neville - is the Senior Specialist of marine ecosystems and fisheries at World Wildlife Fund. She is my friend and the voice of the Capelin. Please enjoy this conversation.

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Episode 013 Keith Vokey (Screecher)

On this weeks episode I sit down with Keith Vokey. Keith has an interesting job, he is a master of ceremonies of sorts. Keith welcomes honorary Newfoundlanders to our province via a provincial ritual known as a screech in. I won't go into too much detail because Keith lays it out quite nicely in the show. So without further delay, please enjoy my conversation with screech master, Keith Vokey



Did this one with my dear ma. She is a sweet heart of the highest order. We got to talking about her early years as a mom and my early years as a boy. We shared our mutual experience in the moment and in the memory. I hope you enjoy this strange and personal sojourn into our early years.

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Ep 009 Going to the Olympics (almost)

In this episode I sit down with Sergey Holson. Sergey was a competitive swimmer on his way to Olympic glory but soon found himself changing lanes. We talk about his life post athletics and what it's like to find positivity in life's everyday moments. I hope you enjoy!

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Ep 008 Jana (Schizophrenia)

Jana has Schizophrenia. I know little to nothing about this mental disorder, other than what movies and tv has taught me. I decided to ask Jana some questions for myself to see if I could get some facts on the matter. This was a really great, and eye opening chat. I want to thank Jana once again for opening up and sharing her life with me. Please enjoy!

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Ep 007 Ralph! (Betty's Used Books)

Betty's Used Books is a classic small town bookstore in Chase, British Columbia. I tried to get Betty on but she is a bit on the shy side I found out, she recommended I speak to her husband Ralph. So I did and it was a lovely conversation. Please Enjoy.

Float Tanks - Episode 3

In this episode I sit down with John from Cloud 9 Float Spa and we dive deep into magical realm of sensory deprivation tanks. We also get into what a strange and distracting time it is to live in, where getting some peace and quiet is easier said than done. Please Enjoy! And if you live in the area than go check out Cloud 9 Float Spa!

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Episode 2!

In this episode I have a chat with Alain Haig-Brown. Alan is an author, photographer and world traveler. I really enjoyed hearing his stories and asking for some life advice along the way. I hope you enjoy.

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The First Episode!

Here it is, the first episode. I have recorded 6 so far, this is not the very first I recorded but it is the first I am releasing. Stay tuned for more...

In this episode I sit down with Melani, at the time of this recording she was a 2nd year apprentice as a funeral director. Melani answered all of my questions concerning the funeral industry and offered me some insights I had not considered. Please Enjoy!